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“The greatest development is achieved during the first years of life, and therefore it is then that the greatest care should be taken. If this is done, then the child does not become a burden; he will reveal himself as the greatest marvel of nature.” – Maria Montessori

We are parents of two precious kids, a boy and a girl. When our son was just over two years old, we stumbled upon a Montessori Group on a social media platform. The concept of Montessori approach was so intriguing that we decided to move my son from a traditional school to a Montessori house.

As Montessori parents, we love the fact that the Montessori approach emphasizes on educating and raising children through their own explorations. The simplicity of the Montessori way is to prepare the child to the learning process and channel them to learn things on their own.

When we were expecting our daughter, we knew right from the start that the Montessori approach would be the best as it is not just a way of education but a lifestyle for the child.

The concept of “Montessori from birth” fascinated us. The more we read, the more we learnt about the development stages of a child. We followed various blogs and started making the newborn Montessori mobiles ourselves. However, it was extremely time consuming and difficult task at hand.

The Montessori Method also emphasizes on using natural materials that are safe and enjoyable, while giving the child an endless opportunity to explore. The tactile sensation the child has while running his/her hands on a wooden object is something amazing. Wooden toys also present a direct connection to the natural world for children.

But, as and when we introduced these developmental toys in the process, procuring the child safe toys was a costly affair. We ended up paying an exuberant amount for it as we had to import most of them, which limited the options for us. Also there were not many options available in India.

This is when we decided to venture into the world of wooden toys and launch THASVI, our third baby!

With  months of research, leaving no stone unturned, and a determination to provide unique hand-crafted wooden toys that are completely child safe and  accessible to all – THASVI is now up and running, hoping to bring joy and happiness into many homes.

A Parent’s Promise

We, at THASVI, understand the importance of the safety of a child. As parents we want our children to have nothing but the best, and we vouch to provide our customers the same kind of service, LOVE AND WARMTH!