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Inspire a talent for music with this colorful Wooden Tone Drum. This delightful wooden instrument indulges your child for early music making and develops the child’s love of music.

The wooden drumstick has a rubber head to soften the sound resulting in the toy drum producing a more melodic sound more like a soothing tympany. All that to say is that the sound will not drive adults crazy!


Recommended Age Period:

10 months and above.


How to introduce the activity to your child?

Tap the drum in different spots to make some lovely music! The cut-out in the wooden top enables the drum to generate different sounds depending on where it is hit.

With each strike, young ears will be presented with a subtle and pleasant sound that is not over stimulating and encouraging them to strike the drum again and again, creating their own tune! It is a great way to encourage creativity and imagination.


What is included?

A handcrafted wooden drum with subtle pastel patterns along the side and a the rubber ended drumstick is perfectly sized for little hands to grasp and beat the drum with!


What will my child learn?

Designed for smaller hands, the rubber ended drumstick is perfectly sized for little hands to grasp and beat the drum with improving their motor skills.

Hitting the drums at different spots also helps in developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and hand dexterity.

Helps children develop a sense of rhythm while enhancing their auditory perception and arm musculature.

Children experiment to achieve different sounds when they tap on different areas of the drum’s surface, and in so doing enhance auditory skills.

Playing music at an early age is proven to strengthen growth in areas of language development, speech perception, sound processing, and reading skills.

They have a ton of fun too.


What is it made of?

This drum is made of Beech wood and colored with eco-friendly, non-toxic paints.



***Avoid putting pressure on the top of the drum.

Please ensure adult supervision at all times.



Care Instructions

Wooden toys are beautiful and durable. Toys made of natural materials bring your little one a little closer to the nature by nourishing the child’s senses.

Wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, so keeping them clean is simple and you can even get your kids involved in the process. Here are some tips that can come handy while taking care of the wooden toys –

  1. Wooden toys can be wiped with a dry cloth for daily maintenance and cleaning.
  2. No Soaking. Never submerge wooden toys in the water; to clean or otherwise. The wood can soak up the water which can gradually lead to cracks.
  3. Instead, a slightly damp cloth or sponge can be used to remove dirt or dust and then the toy should be air dried.
  4. While drying the toys, do not leave them in a direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the colours to fade and long exposure to the sunlight and air might damage the wood.
  5. Every once in a while, you may want to moisturize wooden toys when it starts to look dry or dull. Coconut oil or olive oil can be applied sparingly with a washcloth. Then let it dry.


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